Art Talk

I was recently asked to give an “artist talk” at a gallery exhibiting my photographs. Every time I get asked to do this I cringe at the thought. Reason being is I’m not sure I am an artist or what Art really is. All I do know is Art was a gent in Dallas that rented studio space. And I really believe my photography can tell you more about me than my own words. Speaking of “words” I’ve heard plenty regarding my photography. It’s interesting what you often hear some people saying when they view your images on a gallery wall. Things like “why is this stuff so blurry? No color? Seems very dark to me. Pass. Where are these places? Lots of mystery here. Magical. Maybe he needs a new camera. Oh look Martha, there’s a sharp one over here! She is actually looking at someone elses huge color work hanging in the same gallery. And most recently…. a little foreboding.”

But then again there are times when people really respond in a positive emotional way to what they see. That’s a gift to me.

Please understand I am not a professional photographer. No “pro” equipment. Mostly plastic. I’m an ordinary person who makes pictures of whatever arouses my curiosity. When I’m out and about, just wandering, I am sometimes pulled to something, an object or landscape, that gives me a sense of energy. In this experience there is time lost in that moment and I’m oblivious to the  world chaos. I follow my intuition and a rhythm begins where I can see and feel into what I’m really experiencing. In my life, and it sometimes shows in my photography, I have found that to see the light, to experience the awareness of my soul, I need to pass through the darkness. When I have created images that enter my life I am very compelled to share them with others.

If you were to ask me for a suggestion it would be to slow down and get quiet enough to actually hear and feel what your heart and soul is trying to tell you. And then really listen, really listen, with your eyes. Then create a picture.